Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension faculty and staff develop educational programs and publications, for county extension agents and cotton professionals, based on university research.

Name Title Speciality Dept Affiliation Location
Bell, Jourdan Associate Professor & Extension Agronomist Agronomy  Soil & Crop Amarillo
Dotray, Peter Professor & Extension Weed Scientist Weeds Soil & Crop Lubbock
Isakeit, Thomas Professor & Extension Specialist Plant Pathology Plant Pathology College Station

Johnson, Jason

Professor & Extension Economist Ag Economics Ag Economics Stephenville

Kerns, David

Professor and Statewide IPM Coordinator Entomology Entomology College Station

Kimura, Emi

Assistant Professor and Extension Agronomist Crops and rangeland management Soil & Crop Vernon
Knutson, Allen Professor & Extension Entomologist Biological Control Integrated Pest Management Dallas
Maeda, Murilo Assistant Professor & Extension Cotton Specialist Agronomy, Crop Physiology Soil & Crop Lubbock
McGinty, Josh Associate Professor & Extension Agronomist Agronomy Soil & Crop Corpus Christi
McKnight, Ben Assistant Professor & State Extension Cotton Specialist Agronomy, cotton Soil & Crop College Station
Mott, Dale Extension Program Specialist Cotton Agronomy Soil & Crop College Station
Mowrer, Jake Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist Soil Nutrient & Water Resource Management Soil & Crop College Station
Noland, Reagan Assistant Professor & Extension Agronomist Agronomy & Resource Management Soil & Crop San Angelo
Ong, Kevin Professor & Extension Specialist Disease Diagnostic Lab Plant Pathology College Station
Outlaw, Joe Professor & Extension Economist Crop Production & Policy Ag Economics College Station
Porter, Dana Professor and Extension Irrigation Irrigation Ag. Engineering Lubbock
Provin, Tony Professor & Extension Soil Chemist Soil Testing Lab Soil & Crop College Station
Robinson, John Professor & Extension Economist Cotton Marketing Ag Economics College Station
Smith, Jackie Professor & Extension Economist Production Economics Ag Economics Lubbock
Thompson, Bill Assistant Professor & Extension Economist Economics Ag Economics San Angelo
Vyavhare, Suhas Assistant Professor and Extension Entomologist Entomology Entomology Lubbock

Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Texas A&M Texas AgriLife Research Faculty and staff listed participate in the research and/or teaching missions of the land-grant system in agriculture.

Name Title Speciality Dept Affiliation Location
Adams, Curtis Asst. Professor Crop Ecology and Physiology Soil & Crop Vernon
DeLaune, Paul Professor Environmental Soil Science Soil & Crop Vernon
Dever, Jane Professor Cotton Breeding Soil & Crop Lubbock
Dong, Xuejun Assoc. Professor Plant Stress Physiology Soil & Crop Uvalde
Fernandez, Carlos Professor Crop Physiology Soil & Crop Corpus Christi
Gerik, Tom Professor Cotton Physiology Soil & Crop Temple
Hague, Steve Professor Cotton Breeding Soil & Crop College Station

Lewis, Katie

Associate Professor Soil Fertility Soil & Crop Lubbock
Parajulee, Megha Professor Insect Management Entomology Lubbock
Pietrantonio, Patricia Professor Insect Toxicology Entomology College Station
Searcy, Steve Professor Precision Ag. Ag. Engineering College Station
Smith, C. Wayne Professor Cotton Breeding Soil & Crop College Station
Stelly, David Professor Cotton Cytogentics Soil & Crop College Station
Thomasson, Alex Professor Fiber Quality Ag. Engineering College Station
Wheeler, Terry Professor Soilborne Plant Pathology Plant Pathology Lubbock